Together started in Bristol in 2012. Since that time it’s employees have developed more than 70 properties in the local community.


We have already helped over 60 former prisoners into work, and only one person has re-offended in that time.

We expect that we will continue to see very low levels of re-offending amongst our employees – testimony to the impact we are having.

Bristol Together has strong partnerships with other social enterprises, focused on creating full-time employment for ex-offenders.

We work closely with Aspire Bristol, the Restore Trust and other social enterprises who are key players in recruiting, training and supporting volunteer mentors.

In 2012 we raised capital of £1.6 million through a Social Investment Bond.   This has provided sufficient capital to finance the purchase and refurbishment of empty properties and to pay our employees the living wage.

Here at Bristol Together, we are more than just an employer, and we do more than create jobs.  Our aim is to see those who have been socially excluded achieve their full potential, and to support them in working towards their career aspirations.

Our employees not only have mentoring and support from their project managers whilst on the job, but also a personal mentor they can work with outside of work, if they would like one.

We believe that supporting our employees through a mentoring relationship can really make the difference in seeing them make the next step towards achieving their aspirations.

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The Bristol Team

We have brought together a strong group of experienced and committed people who are passionate about helping those in need in their local communities.

  • Paul Morgan, Managing Director

    Paul became involved in the development of property for the first time when he was 15 years old, having inherited a half share in a small property in South Wales, from where he hails. Before joining Bristol Together, Paul has been developing property professionally in the Bristol area for the last 6 years. Prior to this he worked in the residential property finance market, advising clients on a range of products, mainly around mortgages and protection. His aim now is to utilise his skills to help others get into the construction industry.

Social impact

Our work has had significant social impact in Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. For those we employ each year we contributed savings to government of around £30,000 per individual. Since we started this equates to over £3m.

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Success stories

  • J's Story

    J's Story

    “When my dad heard about the brickie job he took me out for dinner. He has never done anything like that before”.

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  • Shane's Story

    Shane's Story

    “I owe everybody on this project so much. Otherwise I would just be sat at home doing nothing!”

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  • Darren's Story

    Darren's Story

    “Everyone in this company tries to help me when I’m down; I’ve never really had that before.”

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