Together started in Birmingham in 2013 and has since offered recently released prisoners in the area the opportunity to develop a variety of construction industry skills.


We started operations in Birmingham in 2013 and have developed a number of properties, including a major office to residential development which is now being used to house first-time care-leavers, and employed more than 15 recently released prisoners to do this.

Our operations in Birmingham started in 2013.  Since that time we have developed both residential and office to residential properties and created jobs for about 20 ex-offenders in the area.

On the ground, we joined forces with a number of well-established and respected social enterprises to work with us to recruit, train and support the workforce as they gain valuable experience working in the construction industry.

Our partners specialise in working with people who struggle with barriers to employment and bringing structure to often chaotic lifestyles.

Birmingham Together is more than just an employer. We aim to make a real difference. We do more than create jobs, we want to employ those who have been socially excluded and help them achieve their potential.

The properties bought often require substantial repair and refurbishment.  They are finished to high standards to add value.  Not only does this enable us to provide valuable training it also ensures that when the property is resold we generate a profit to reinvest in the business and keep it sustainable.

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The Birmingham Team

We have brought together a strong group of experienced and committed people who are passionate about helping those in need in their local communities.

  • Jon Andrews, Director, Midlands Together

    Jon has wide ranging experience in the UK property development industry across industrial, retail, office and residential sectors. Jon was a director at Stoford, the leading property development firm in Birmingham for many years.  Prior to joining , he was a director of the Berkeley Group company (Crosby) responsible for inner city regeneration projects in the Midlands and South West. He is a chartered Civil Engineer

  • Richard Beard, Director, Midlands Together

    Richard is CEO of Jericho Foundation, the leading charitable organisation which provides training and development for disadvantage and vulnerable groups in the West Midlands.

Social impact

Our work has had significant social impact in Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. For those we employ each year we contributed savings to government of around £30,000 per individual. Since we started this equates to over £3m.

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Success stories

  • J's Story

    J's Story

    “When my dad heard about the brickie job he took me out for dinner. He has never done anything like that before”.

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  • Shane's Story

    Shane's Story

    “I owe everybody on this project so much. Otherwise I would just be sat at home doing nothing!”

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  • Darren's Story

    Darren's Story

    “Everyone in this company tries to help me when I’m down; I’ve never really had that before.”

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