Together operates in a number of geographical areas, focusing on the needs of recently released prisoners in their local community.


We started in BRISTOL in 2011 and have expanded to operate in BIRMINGHAM and GLASGOW.   Our aim is to provide opportunities throughout the UK by expanding our regional businesses to meet local needs.

Each of our local operations is a community interest company (CIC) with its own board of knowledgeable and committed locally based individuals who are passionate about improving and developing their community.  We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our local boards.

Creating job opportunities within local communities is a critical component of our programme.   We typically employ ex-offenders close to where they live, and work with a wide range of local community, government and commercial partners to deliver our services, reflecting the local needs of that community.

We have a strong culture of partnership and have already established many strong working relationships with individuals and organisations, which support the aim of helping ex-offenders into employment.  These include local councils, property developers, estate agents, prisons, offender rehabilitation organisations and housing associations.

We warmly welcome like-minded individuals and organisations who would like to get involved or help us with this work. This might be by helping us to find small plots of land, identifying properties for refurbishment, partnering with us on construction projects, providing construction or renovation contract opportunities or funding for the programme. Each regional business is managed by a talented and committed lead executive who cares about giving a second chance to those who need it.


Together started in Bristol in 2012. Since that time it’s employees have developed more than 70 properties in the local community.

"One of the most exciting and innovative projects we have supported" TRIODOS BANK

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Together started in Birmingham in 2013 and has since offered recently released prisoners in the area the opportunity to develop a variety of construction industry skills.

"An inspiring venture creating jobs for people distant from the labour market" CHRIS MOULD, Director, The Shaftesbury Partnership

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Glasgow Together, our third regional business, started work in 2014. It has so far employed 15 ex-offenders in the development of a number of residential properties.

"Creating meaningful employment is a key factor in reducing re-offending" PAUL HARROD, Founder, Bristol Together

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Success stories

  • J's Story

    J's Story

    “When my dad heard about the brickie job he took me out for dinner. He has never done anything like that before”.

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  • Shane's Story

    Shane's Story

    “I owe everybody on this project so much. Otherwise I would just be sat at home doing nothing!”

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  • Darren's Story

    Darren's Story

    “Everyone in this company tries to help me when I’m down; I’ve never really had that before.”

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