“My older brother is a good influence in my life; he works hard and is doing well so I want to be like him.”

Shakeem’s story

Shakeem was 21 when he began working for us in April 2015.  He was a quiet and fairly shy individual who was keen to put his mistakes behind him and focus on being a provider and father for his baby daughter.

He had some building skills already with a particular talent for plastering as he had already achieved a level 1 in this type of work.

Much of Shakeem’s time on the program has been spent doing plaster-boarding and plastering work as that is where his skills lay.  He has developed into a real tradesman and, after a couple of months, could be trusted to plaster walls without help.

He has also gained skills and experience in demolition work, suspended ceilings, and general carpentry and site maintenance.  He has completed a one-day health and safety course and gained his CSCS card.

Shakeem has truly turned a corner in his life and has put the mistakes of his youth behind him.  He particularly wanted to work on clearing old debts, saving money better and improving his personal fitness.  He has reached his personal target in all of these areas.

Shakeem’s attendance and punctuality had a shaky period but ultimately he became almost 100% reliable.  He will continue to work for Jericho Construction as a trainee plasterer for at least another year and is enrolled at college on a level 2 course.

Success stories

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  • Shakeem’s story

    Shakeem’s story

    “My older brother is a good influence in my life; he works hard and is doing well so I want to be like him.”

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