Our work has had significant social impact in Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. For those we help to prevent from reoffending, we save the state around £30,000 per individual. Since we started this equates to around £3m.

Key stats

We’ve seen the lives of around 90 ex-offenders transformed and that just 2 of our people have re-offended since we started. The national re-offending average is above 25% within 6 months of release and 54% within 1 year. We do not choose ‘easy’ cases – 86% of our workers have been imprisoned for serious offences. This work really does change lives.

So far we have not included the saved cost of police work, court costs, housing benefit claims, crime victims costs, property damage, offender family costs, forgone income tax and NI costs while incarcerated, etc. These costs are significant.

By providing our employees with life skills and new way of seeing themselves, these benefits can continue for years into the future.

Our employees not only develop as individuals through their work with us, they also get a strong sense of satisfaction from the contribution they make to developing their local community, both in terms of homes created and local supply chain businesses supported.

The impact of Together’s low re- offending rates reaches wider than our employees.

Our employees are 10x less likely to re-offend whilst working with us compared to the national average.

Key Performance Indicators

Measure Key performance Indicator Our target Current value
Employee Offence Background % of employees with significant offences 85% 100%
Employee age at joining % of employees who join at age 20-30 85% 100%
Average Employee Tenure Length of employment with us 24 months 19 months
Employee Reoffending Employees reoffending whilst with us 5% 4%
Benefits to State £ Saved through reoffending rate £2.5m £2.4m
Benefits to State £ Added through employment £270K £250K

Success stories

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    J's Story

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    Shane's Story

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