Together started in Bristol in 2011. Since that time it’s employees have developed more than 70 properties in the local community.


We have already helped over 60 former prisoners into work, and only one person has re-offended in that time.

We expect that we will continue to see very low levels of re-offending amongst our employees – testimony to the impact we are having.

Bristol Together has strong partnerships with other social enterprises, focused on creating full-time employment for ex-offenders.

We work closely with Aspire Bristol, the Restore Trust and other social enterprises who are key players in recruiting, training and supporting volunteer mentors.

In 2012 we raised capital of £1.6 million through a Social Investment Bond.   This has provided sufficient capital to finance the purchase and refurbishment of empty properties and to pay our employees the living wage.

Here at Bristol Together, we are more than just an employer, and we do more than create jobs.  Our aim is to see those who have been socially excluded achieve their full potential, and to support them in working towards their career aspirations.

Our employees not only have mentoring and support from their project managers whilst on the job, but also a personal mentor they can work with outside of work, if they would like one.

We believe that supporting our employees through a mentoring relationship can really make the difference in seeing them make the next step towards achieving their aspirations.

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The Bristol Team

We have brought together a strong group of experienced and committed people who are passionate about helping those in need in their local communities.

  • Andy Robb, Director, Bristol Together

    Andy has built and runs his own property development business in Bristol. He is vastly experienced in the property development world, and brings this to Bristol Together. Over the last few years Andy has been responsible for sourcing numerous property development opportunities for Bristol Together. He also is involved in the day to day project management and mentors some of the employees.

  • Anna Southall, Director Bristol Together

    Anna is a former Vice Chair of Big Lottery Fund. She enjoyed a long and varied career in the public sector, ultimately as Director of the National Museums of Wales and then Chief Executive of MLA, the Museums Libraries and Archives Council. Since 1975 she has served on the boards of a number of grant making bodies, both independent and in the public sector. She chaired the Barrow Cadbury Trust from 1996 to 2006, and remains Lead Trustee for the Young Adults and Criminal Justice programme. Anna is also Vice Chair of the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Social impact

Our work has had significant social impact in Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow. For those we employ each year we contributed savings to government of around £30,000 per individual. Since we started this equates to over £3m.

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Success stories

  • J's Story

    J's Story

    “When my dad heard about the brickie job he took me out for dinner. He has never done anything like that before”.

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  • Shane's Story

    Shane's Story

    “I owe everybody on this project so much. Otherwise I would just be sat at home doing nothing!”

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  • Darren's Story

    Darren's Story

    “Everyone in this company tries to help me when I’m down; I’ve never really had that before.”

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